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10 Ways to Justify the Investment in promotional gifts

When you have in mind the investment in promotional gifts, personalised with your logo, several variables arise that could tip the balance towards discarding the idea or going ahead with it.

In order to make your decision easier and motivate you to place an order for promotional items, we have prepared this article detailing 10 reasons to support the investment in promotional gifts.


Investment in promotional gifts

1. Its cost is much more affordable than other forms of advertising

With a really small budget, you can customise various promotional items, such as personalised pens, caps, or notebooks.

Compared to the cost of other forms of advertising such as newspaper inserts, radio, or television commercials, the cost is infinitely more affordable in promotional marketing.

2. Its effect remains in the long term

Your order of personalised gifts will be used for an indefinite period and showcased to the world for an extended period of time.

3. Effectiveness in Consumer Mindset

88% of individuals who received a promotional gift were able to recall the name of the advertising company.

Who doesn’t remember Nivea’s inflatable beach ball or Coca-Cola’s beach coolers, or the custom car sunshades from car insurance companies?

Consumer recall is higher with promotional gifts than with other advertising mediums.

4. Useful Gifts for Beneficial Consumer Use

Many of our promotional items are practical gifts that consumers value. Personalised USBs, promotional power

banks, selfie sticks, notebooks, pens; these are all useful items that will be well utilised by your customers and


5. Premium Gifts Associate the Brand with Quality Products

In our corporate gift catalogue, we offer over 3,500 promotional items where you can imprint your logo.

Many of these items are premium products, such as branded gifts featured in our brand section, as well as other items like watches, wine sets, or pen sets, and USB memories.

6. Customer Loyalty through Perceived Added Value

Customers always appreciate the small gestures that companies make towards them, and personalised gifts are no exception.

Especially if, as noted in point 4, they are useful gifts, or as noted in point 5, they are premium or of high quality.

7. Rewarding the Most Loyal Customers

Promotional gifts are a great way to reward the most loyal customers and thereby foster their loyalty.

8. Rewarding Our Team

And not only potential or current customers are rewarded with promotional items, but our team will also feel rewarded and appreciated to receive our promotional items.

9. Multiplying the Impact

One out of every three people who receives a promotional gift uses it daily, showing it to their surroundings and generating advertising impact with it.

What better way to make yourself known and to make the public remember your brand than by giving away promotional items that flood the city with your logo?

10. Infinity of Items to Choose From

In our general catalogue of personalised items, we offer more than 3,500 references of branded merchandise in Spain, and that’s not all, because we also have the brand catalogue, the USB catalogue, as well as countless other customised gifts tailored to your needs.

Do you need personalised merchandise in Spain?
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