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Personalised pens

Personalised pens are one of the most sought-after promotional items, thanks to their low cost and practicality, as everyone uses pens. It’s an essential product for any office and, in general, for anyone at any time of the day. That person will constantly see the personalised pens with your company’s brand.

They are the perfect promotional products for courses, seminars, conferences, and trade shows, as well as for giving to clients and acquaintances.


Personalised pens


Do you need personalised pens with your logo?

Cheap personalised pens to promote your brand

We have a wide variety of models of cheap personalised pens with which you can promote your brand and have a detail with your customers, employees, or suppliers.

Among our most budget-friendly models is the Zonet, available in 10 different colors. Remember that you can place your order for promotional pens in various colors without incurring an additional cost compared to ordering all in the same color.

Zonet pen

Please note that we have a minimum order requirement of 1000 units for most of our custom pen models.

Below, we present some types of pens that you can customize with your logo:

Personalised stylus pen

In our catalog of promotional products, we offer a diverse range of personalised stylus pen models.

One of the best models of this type of stylus pen is the NILF stylus pen, featuring a sleek two-tone design with a rotating mechanism, bright silver accessories, and a smooth solid finish in vibrant metallic colors. It comes with an aluminum clip and a grip with a unique ring design. The stylus tip matches the color, and it uses blue ink.

It’s a model of custom pens that we always recommend because we know firsthand that it won’t disappoint.

puntero Nilf pen


Personalised antibacterial pens

Products with antibacterial treatments are capable of significantly reducing bacterial loads on material surfaces, thanks to the incorporation of permanent static microbial agents. These agents are highly effective in inhibiting and preventing bacterial contamination.

Some models of antimicrobial pens are specially treated to inhibit and prevent bacterial growth on the pen’s body, thanks to nano silver technology—a special treatment carried out with silver ions.

Products compliant with the ISO 22196:2011 standard, which specifies the measurement of antibacterial activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces.

Custom Antibacterial Pens


Personalised pens made from recycled materials

Ideal for projecting a responsible image for your company, these pens made from recycled materials are not only practical, but also a promotional gift that will enhance a positive image of your brand.


Recycled pens


Personalised bamboo pens

Similar to pens made from recycled materials, these models feature an attractive and original design.


bamboo pens

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Merchandising with personalised promotional pens

Throughout our years of experience in crafting and designing various promotional items, such as custom pens, we have undertaken various merchandising initiatives related to these products, consistently meeting the specific needs of our clients.


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