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Terms of Sale

If you have any questions about our terms of sale or anything else, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We would be delighted to address your queries and ensure you feel comfortable working with our corporate gifts agency.

General Terms of Sale:

The prices listed on our website www.mymregalospromocionales.es are merely indicative. To obtain final prices, please request a fully personalised quote through our forms or via email.

Printing and Marking Service:

The products shown in our catalogue may undergo minor modifications compared to the graphic reproduction. We recommend requesting samples if you are unsure.

All promotional gifts we work with can be customised with your logo or design. You can request information without obligation about the size and maximum marking area of the items you are interested in.

All orders (quote requests) must be submitted in writing via email or through our contact forms.

To initiate an order for personalised corporate gifts, it is necessary to send us the logo or design in vector format, in one of the following formats: Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, EPS, or PDF.

The creation, modification, and/or vectorisation of logos or designs are not included in the prices. If you need any of these services, please contact us and we can provide a quote without obligation.

Production of an order will not begin without prior written approval via email of the final design showing the proposed marking (logo or design, colours, and marking area on the item to be customised).

This final design is created free of charge, but if the order is cancelled (or not confirmed within 10 days), design costs will be charged (20 euros per design, excluding taxes). If it is necessary to make modifications or adapt the logo or design for the final design, there will be an additional charge based on the hours spent by the designer.

If the final design needs modifications because it does not adequately reflect the marking idea on the item, the first modification will be free of charge. To avoid delays and additional design costs, we recommend providing the marking idea along with the logo at the beginning of the process.

Additionally, if you want your logo or design to be marked in several areas of the item, or if you want the design to be in a specific area, please let us know when requesting your quote.

For logos or designs with colours other than black and white, the corresponding Pantone reference will be requested (refer to the colour guide for markings).

Certain marking techniques do not allow for designs with shadows and/or gradients.

We are not responsible for marking errors, provided the marking has been done as shown in the accepted final design (colours and size). Markings are done manually using machinery, and sometimes markings may have slight alterations in position compared to the final design.

The images contained in the final design are a simulation of the final marking result, indicating the actual size of the marked text or logo. The colour of the items or the marking may vary depending on the monitor settings. For this reason, marking colours will always be indicated in the design with their corresponding Pantone reference.

For orders of personalised promotional gifts, a ± 5% variation in the requested quantity may occur. We recommend considering this if the order is for an event and an exact quantity is needed.

For markings with light inks (white, light blue, etc.) on dark fabric backgrounds, an additional charge for a double ink pass may be applied to achieve a good marking finish. This will be communicated to the customer for approval before starting the order.

Delivery Times*:

Normal Service:

  • Canary Islands: delivery in 15–20 days.
  • Mainland: delivery in 10–12 days.
  • Balearic Islands: delivery in 12–15 days.
Express Delivery Service is available for most of our orders. Please consult us for prices and conditions without obligation.

* These delivery times may differ from those announced because some marking techniques may require more production time. Likewise, if the requested quantity is large, delivery times may be affected.

These delivery times are subject to occasional modifications due to workshop workload at certain times of the year. If your order needs to be delivered by a specific date for an event, please consult us before placing the order to confirm the delivery time.

Occasionally, for reasons beyond our control, orders may be delayed during transportation for various reasons (lost boxes, delays due to transportation breakdowns, packaging breakages, customs holds, etc.). At MyM, we always strive to make the delivery process as fast and efficient as possible, but these are subcontracted services, and sometimes we cannot control certain events.

We cannot guarantee an exact delivery date and time for our orders; deliveries are made within a 24-48 hour margin of the estimated delivery date.

Sometimes, if production allows, orders can be shipped before the initially agreed deadline. If you cannot receive your order on a specific date, you must inform us when starting production.

Once the quote is accepted and the logo or design to be customised is received, the estimated delivery time for the final design (mock-up of how the personalised item will look) will be 48-72 working hours.

Delivery times start once the first payment of the invoice is received and the final design is accepted.

Delays by the client in confirming the final design or requested modifications may result in a delay in the shipping date.

For shipments to the Canary Islands, the agency is not responsible for delivery delays due to customs holds for control.


If you believe the personalised item received is different from the final design, does not function correctly, or has arrived damaged, we need you to confirm how many items have arrived in that condition and send us photos or videos of all those items.

We will evaluate each case to determine if we need to repeat the marking or if we can apply a discount. Please note that we reserve the right to deliver up to 5% less than the requested quantity, so if the defective items do not exceed this percentage, we cannot apply any discount.

In the case of repeat orders, it may be necessary to send us the defective items in their original packaging and in perfect condition; returns of used or tampered products will not be accepted.

Any complaint or incident must be notified in writing to the email of the salesperson who managed your order within 5 days of receiving the order. You can also address your complaints or claims to our registered address (see our legal notice) by regular mail.

All our items can be returned within a maximum period of 14 days from receipt if the client so wishes, without the need for justification, provided the item is not personalised*.

*Personalised items following the client’s specifications are not entitled to withdrawal, as indicated by Law 3/2014 on electronic commerce.

Payment Conditions:

Orders will be processed once we receive payment of at least 70% of the proforma invoice, which is sent along with the final design.

You can send us the transfer receipt to expedite the process.

The transfer of the second payment must be made upon receipt of the order. This payment will be based on the final invoice issued once the order is completed, reflecting the quantities delivered.

Orders for non-personalised items must be paid for in full in advance.