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Welcome Packs for new employees

It’s becoming increasingly common for companies to have welcome packs ready for new employees, including personalised promotional material with the company’s logo.

At MyM Regalos Promocionales, we assist our clients in preparing welcome packs for their new employees.

Personalised welcome packs are one of the strategies used by companies as a tool to facilitate the integration and sense of belonging for new employees, ensuring greater motivation and, consequently, higher productivity.


Pack de bienvenida para empleados


¿What items are included in the best welcome packs?

This will depend a lot on the industry and the type of person the welcome pack is intended for.

It’s not the same for a young customer service or marketing team as it is for a more «senior» team of developers or engineers.

These are the most common items in employee welcome packs:


Ideas de pack de bienvenida


Welcome packs for our customers

In our over 15 years of working as providers of promotional gifts, we have assisted many companies with their welcome packs.

Uno de los ejemplos es el de Xcelirate, una Startup canadiense que abrió sede en Barcelona y nos pidió un pack consistente en:


  • Masks
  • Notebooks
  • Pens
  • Backpack
  • Sweatshirt
  • Water Bottle


Welcome packs for our customers


Examples of welcome packs – Facebook and Uber

Here are two examples that showcase how welcome packs look in two companies ranked among the best in the world to work for: Facebook and Uber. The packs are truly fantastic, as one would expect.

Promotional materials from Facebook

The company created by Mark Zuckerberg offers a good welcome pack to its new employees, providing various promotional gifts. While the star of the pack is a Mac laptop, the rest of the personalised items are charismatic and highly useful:


regalos promocionales facebook


Personalised notebooks

An essential item on every work desk, for taking notes in the early days and making daily annotations. Undoubtedly, personalised notebooks with the company logo make for a great gift in the welcome pack for new employees.

Customized agendas

It’s important for new employees to have their agenda well-organized, and for that, nothing beats personalised agendas with your company logo.

Promotional T-shirts

Just like notebooks and agendas are more personal items, personalised T-shirts with the company logo will be worn with pride by new employees, making them feel part of the group and facilitating their adaptation.

Personalised mouse and customized mouse pad

In a company like Facebook, where employees spend most of their working day in front of the computer, these promotional gifts are ideal and highly useful. 

Among the technological promotional gifts, personalised mice stand out, along with their ideal complement, personalised mouse pads.

Do you want advice for your welcome packs?

Promotional materials from Uber

Uber is undoubtedly one of the most innovative companies of the moment. The private «taxi» service, which has disrupted the taxi business worldwide, is a technology company that takes care of its employees down to the smallest detail, and its welcome pack for new employees is one of the most comprehensive promotional material packs.


UBER welcome packs for employees


Personalised notebooks and custom pens

A classic in promotional gifts, there is always a need to take notes, especially in the first days of work. Nothing better for this purpose than personalised agendas and personalised pens.

Personalised caps

Perhaps they won’t wear them on a day-to-day basis in the company, but undoubtedly, as promotional material for events, personalised caps are one of the most sought-after items. Caps personalized with the company logo ‘dress up’ employees and ensure the logo is always prominently displayed.

It often happens in these, and many other companies, that employees feel pride and prestige in being part of their company’s community and, as a result, tend to wear these personalized items even in their leisure time.

Personalised hoodies

In places where it tends to be cold, giving away personalized T-shirts may not make much sense, as people will always wear coats, and your logo won’t be visible on T-shirts. If this is the case, nothing better than personalized hoodies with your logo, as employees will stay warm and display the logo on a stylish and quality item.

Personalised drawstring backpacks

Uber provides its new employees with personalised drawstring backpacks so they can carry their belongings, from breakfast to other items in the welcome pack, such as personalized notebooks or agendas.

Personalised USB drives

A true classic among promotional gifts, customized USB drives couldn’t be missing from this welcome pack. Although clouds (virtual hard drives) make it increasingly easy to share information and open documents on various devices, personalised USB drives never go out of style and are a promotional gift that will always be well-received.

Personalised pens

While personalised mugs are often used to store pencils and pens, there is also a wide variety of personalized pens that decorate the work desks of numerous companies. Uber gives away personalized pens, including a customized pen.

These are two examples of the wide variety of forms a personalized welcome pack for new employees can take. Each company has different needs that can be addressed through our agency. Don’t hesitate to contact us for advice without obligation; we’ll be delighted to accompany you in this process.

Benefits of Providing a Welcome Kit to Employees

Providing a welcome kit to employees offers a series of significant benefits for companies. Firstly, it contributes to a more positive onboarding experience for new employees. Feeling welcomed and valued from the start can boost employee morale and satisfaction, which, in turn, can enhance talent retention.

Moreover, a welcome kit can help expedite employees’ adaptation to the work environment and company culture, resulting in increased productivity and better job performance.

Another key benefit is the strengthening of the employer brand.

By providing a welcome kit that reflects the identity and values of the company, a lasting impression is created on new employees, encouraging them to become brand advocates

A well-designed welcome kit can serve as both an internal and external marketing tool, as satisfied employees are more likely to share their experience on social media and with friends and family.

How to create an effective welcome package for employees

The creation of an effective welcome package for employees involves careful planning and consideration of various factors.

Firstly, it is important to define the objectives of the package. ¿What impression do you wish to convey? ¿What message do you want the new employees to receive about the company’s culture?

Next, you should carefully select the elements you will include in the package. These elements should be relevant and useful for the employees, such as reference material, a company logo t-shirt, a personalized mug, and other promotional gifts that foster a sense of belonging

Personalization is key to creating an effective welcome package. Ensure that the elements reflect the identity and values of your company.

You should also consider the manner in which the package is delivered. A welcome ceremony or orientation meeting can be ideal moments to distribute the welcome kits and make new employees feel part of the community.

Finally, remember to assess the effectiveness of the package over time and make adjustments as necessary to ensure it remains relevant and appealing to employees.

How to customize a corporate welcome package

Customization is key when it comes to creating an effective corporate welcome package. Start by understanding your company’s culture and values, and ensure that the elements of the package reflect these aspects.

At MyM Promotional Gifts, we have been assisting companies like yours for 15 years with promotional gifts, including promotional materials for employee welcome packages.

We recommend including useful promotional items that employees can use in their daily lives. A mug, a notebook, a pen, and a personalized bottle could make an excellent welcome package. You can add a T-shirt or a polo shirt of good quality so that it doesn’t end up being just a loungewear shirt but something they can proudly wear day-to-day.

The inclusion of a personalized welcome letter from the CEO or the executive team is a great idea to add a human and authentic touch to the package.

The best promotional gifts to include in a welcome package.

When choosing promotional gifts to include in a welcome package, it is important to select items that are useful and appreciated by the employees.

Some popular ideas include high-quality pens, personalized notebooks, reusable water bottles, Bluetooth headphones, and technology products such as power banks.

You can also consider desktop items such as organizers or personalized calendars. The key is to select gifts that demonstrate the company’s consideration for the needs and preferences of the employees.

Welcome Package: Employee Retention Strategy

A well-designed welcome package can play a crucial role in employee retention. By providing a positive onboarding experience, new employees are more likely to feel valued and engaged from the start. This can significantly contribute to long-term talent retention.

Furthermore, a welcome package that reflects the culture and values of the company can help employees feel aligned and engaged with the organization, thereby reducing turnover and fostering loyalty.

Designing a unique welcome kit for the company

Every company has its own identity and culture, so it’s important to design a unique welcome kit that aligns with the personality of the organization.

This can include design elements, colors, promotional gifts, and content that reflect the values and mission of the company.

A unique welcome kit not only makes the experience memorable for new employees but also reinforces the identity of the company and its commitment to the individuality of each team member.

Welcome Package: How It Impacts Corporate Culture

A welcome package can have a significant impact on the corporate culture of a company. By customizing the elements of the package to reflect the values and mission of the company, these aspects are reinforced, fostering a positive culture.

Well-designed welcome kits can convey a message of inclusion and support, contributing to a more welcoming and collaborative corporate culture. Employees who feel valued from day one are more likely to align with the culture and goals of the company.

Budget for the creation of a personalized welcome package

The budget is an important factor to consider when creating a personalized welcome package. There should be a balance between the quality and affordability of the kit’s elements.

If your company is growing, you should anticipate the number of welcome packages you’ll need in the coming months so that you don’t have to place new orders too frequently, as this will increase their cost.

Best Practices for Designing a Memorable Welcome Kit

Designing a memorable welcome kit involves following some best practices. First and foremost, consider personalizing the elements to align with the culture and identity of the company.

Additionally, ensure that the kit elements are useful and of high quality so that employees appreciate them.

Presentation is also essential, so pay attention to the aesthetics of the kit and its packaging.

Finally, don’t forget to gather feedback from employees to continually assess and improve the welcome kit over time.

Long-term Benefits of Investing in High-Quality Welcome Packages

Investing in high-quality welcome packages can have long-term benefits for a company. Firstly, it contributes to employee retention, saving costs associated with hiring and training new workers.

This can boost employee morale and satisfaction, which in turn enhances productivity and job performance.

Satisfied employees are more likely to become brand advocates, which can enhance the company’s reputation and attract new talent.

Ultimately, investing in high-quality welcome packages is an investment in the long-term culture and success of the company.

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