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Personalised water bottles

In our promotional gifts catalog, we have a wide variety of personalised water bottles as well as water bottles, cups, mugs, and other containers.

On this page, you will find images and information about these items.

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Personalised water bottles


Personalised glass water bottles

Below, you will find some models of glass water bottles that you can customize with your logo or image.

You’ll discover a wide variety of models, colors, and types of branding.

Being made of glass ensures that the taste of the liquids placed in the bottles is not affected and is preserved in perfect condition


bidones personalizados

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Stainless steel water bottles

These personalised water bottles are made of stainless steel, ensuring that they maintain the temperature of liquids for extended periods.

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bidones publicidad

Personalised water bottles and sports water bottles

Undoubtedly, one of the most common uses for bottles or water bottles of this kind is for sports, especially during exercise.

Therefore, it makes an ideal promotional gift for gyms, sports centers, or sports clubs.

bidones y botellas personalizadas

Materials of bottles and drums

The customized water bottles or canteens from our catalog are made from various materials. Among the different materials used in the various models, we offer the following:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Bamboo
  • RPET (recycled plastics)
  • PLA (polylactic acid, 100% compostable materials)
  • Tritan
  • BPA-free materials»


Benefits of giving personalised water bottles at corporate events

Giving personalised bottles at corporate events offers a variety of benefits for both the host company and the attendees. These bottles not only serve as practical giveaways, but also convey a message of environmental and health care.

By personalising the bottles with a company logo or slogan, an emotional connection is created with attendees, strengthening the brand and leaving a lasting impression. In addition, by being reusable, the bottles promote a sustainable lifestyle, reducing the use of single-use plastics and contributing to the image of corporate responsibility.

The environmental impact of reusable personalised water bottles

Reusable personalised water bottles have a significant impact on reducing plastic waste and conserving the environment. By opting for these bottles instead of single-use bottles, you avoid the generation of tons of plastic waste each year.

By encouraging their use, it promotes a cultural shift towards sustainability and environmental awareness. Personalised bottles also help reduce the demand for natural resources used in the production of disposable plastic bottles, thus contributing to the conservation of ecosystems and the preservation of biodiversity.

How do personalised bottles promote your business brand?

Personalised water bottles are powerful tools to effectively promote your business brand. By incorporating your company’s logo, colours and slogan on the bottles, you create a distinctive visual identity that helps increase brand recognition.

Because by distributing these bottles as giveaways or promotional products, you increase brand visibility, as people will carry them with them everywhere they go. This creates a walking advertisement, reaching a wider audience and reinforcing the brand’s presence in the minds of consumers.

Storage and care tips for personalised bottles

  • Proper storage and care of personalised bottles ensures their long-term durability and functionality.
  • It is important to wash bottles regularly with mild soap and water to prevent residue build-up and maintain hygiene.
  • It is recommended to dry them thoroughly after each use to prevent bacterial growth.
  • Store bottles in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, to help preserve their quality and prevent material deformation.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals that may damage the personalised print on the bottles.


Follow these simple tips, and help prolong the life of your personalised bottles and keep them in optimal condition.

Do you think we can help you? At My M Regalos Promocionales we are specialists in quality promotional gifts, and we are committed to personalisation as a differentiating element.

Don’t limit yourself, choose personalised bottles and stand out from the rest!

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