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Personalised caps

One of the most sought-after branded merchandise among our clients are personalised caps.

They are useful promotional items, as they serve to protect our heads from the sun, ensuring that our brand remains visible to the public at all times, generating greater reach.

Caps are used in all kinds of events, including sports events, popular festivals, at the beach, in the mountains, etc. They even come in handy for a quick outing without having to style your hair too much.

Personalised caps in Spain

Looking for personalised caps?

Cheap personalised caps to promote your brand

In our company, we understand the importance of making a lasting impression and the need for companies to have their brand and image remembered.

Personalised caps serve this purpose – practical, economical promotional gifts that fit into various marketing initiatives.

Two of the most sought-after models by our clients for logo customization are the Sport model and the Five model.

They are available in a wide variety of different colors, allowing you to combine by ordering various quantities in different colors at no extra cost (with the same branding).


Personalised caps Sport and Five


Personalised caps made of sustainable materials

Creating personalised caps with your logo is a great marketing strategy and will help promote your brand. Additionally, by choosing our caps from the nature line, you contribute to the sustainability of the planet.

For instance, the Keinfax model is made from 100% recycled and recyclable material.

The material of this cap is made from recycled plastic (rPET), which not only aids in reducing plastic waste on the planet but also uses less energy in the manufacturing process, making it much less harmful to the environment.

Did you know that the use of organic cotton can reduce the environmental footprint by using up to 88% less water and 62% less energy? Our Vachir and Zonner caps are made entirely from organic cotton.


Personlaised caps made of sustainable materials


Personalised sports caps to promote your brand

Among the many uses for caps, we find those related to sports. 

We have models of sport caps that you can use to promote your brand at sporting events.


Personalised sports caps to promote your brand


Personalised visors for advertising

Visors are a type of caps that serve a similar function, and you can customize them with your logo for brand advertising or as giveaways at events.


Personalised visors

Merchandising with promotional caps

Throughout our years of experience in crafting and designing various promotional items, such as promotional caps,

we have undertaken various merchandising initiatives related to these products, consistently meeting the specific

needs of our clients.


Advertising caps

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