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Personalised backpacks

Among all the items in our extensive catalogue of promotional gifts, personalised backpacks stand out due to their high demand.

We offer a wide variety of models, from classic drawstring backpacks to sophisticated laptop backpacks.

Personalised backpacks

Are you interested in personalised backpacks?

Personalised drawstring backpacks

Personalised drawstring backpacks are currently very trendy, especially for their use as a ‘runner’s bag,’ given the increasing popularity of running as a sport.

Many race sponsors opt for this type of promotional backpacks to offer to runners along with other merchandise before each race.

Discover in our catalog of promotional gifts a wide variety of models. Remember that you can request various colors in your order and apply the same branding to all of them, and the cost will be the same as ordering personalised bags in a single color.

Drawstring backpacks


Cheap personalised backpacks for gifts for companies or individuals

We offer a wide variety of cheap personalised backpack models tailored to your budget, with different finishes, colors, and branding options.

One of the most sought-after options is the Discovery backpack, made of 600D Polyester, featuring padded back and straps. It can be personalised in up to 8 colors, and you can choose from 15 backpack colors.

Cheap backpacks


High-quality promotional backpacks

If you are looking to associate your brand with a high-quality product, you can also achieve that with luxury promotional backpacks. 

We have various models; discover them now in our online store and feel free to contact us if you can’t find what you’re looking for or if you have any questions.

High-quality promotional backpacks


Personalised laptop backpacks

One of the many uses of backpacks is to carry a laptop. We offer backpacks specifically designed for this purpose, featuring padded compartments to accommodate the laptop and additional pockets for the charger, mouse, mouse pad, or any other accessories.

Personalised laptop backpacks

Merchandising with promotional backpacks

Throughout our years of experience crafting and designing various promotional items, such as personalised backpacks, we have undertaken various merchandising campaigns related to these products, meeting the client’s needs perfectly.

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