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The importance of packaging in promotional gifts

The packaging in promotional gifts serves a function that goes beyond protecting the gifts. An attractive packaging has the potential to stimulate us through the senses and convey well-being long before the product inside does.

Designs are also important for packaging in promotional gifts

Packaging design is essential for capturing the recipient’s attention and conveying the brand’s values.

A creative and well-executed design can differentiate a promotional gift from the competition and leave a lasting impression on the recipient.

Packaging in promotional gifts


Reasons why packaging in promotional gifts becomes a fundamental piece

There are different reasons why packaging becomes a fundamental piece in the entire consumption process and remains important in promotional gifts.

Below, in this article, we have prepared some key points that you should know about:

  • Protection: Packaging ensures the safety and integrity of any product. Therefore, having a sturdy design specifically designed to cushion impacts is important.
    We must consider that the vast majority of products are distributed by road, so it is important that they have protection guarantees to prevent potential incidents.
  • Aesthetic Component: Packaging in promotional gifts not only serves as a protective structure, but it is also an expression medium where a brand’s identity should be optimally reflected. Packaging is essential in corporate gifts because it is a perfect opportunity to introduce the product and brand values.
    In this regard, factors such as the use of typography, corporate colours, as well as illustrations and other graphic components will be particularly important.
  • Usability: Packaging can serve a practical function that goes beyond protection or aesthetics. Here, the creative component comes into play.
    Packaging can fulfill a completely practical function and complement the original product or promotional gift.
    For example, if the packaging of a sunscreen cream can be transformed into sunglasses, we will be providing a second ‘product’ integrated into our packaging.
    Obviously, these sunglasses may not have long-term durability, but they are likely to be useful in certain moments.
    Developing packaging that complements the functions of the main product can create a much more enjoyable experience, making it likely that this product will be more in demand and the brand’s reputation will significantly increase.
  • Brand Placement: Aesthetics and functionality can be combined to strengthen brand identity.
    If we manage to include functional elements within our packaging that also integrate our company’s logo, we will not only achieve an excellent promotional product but also a practical one.
    A good example could be to include an annual calendar or any other office material inside our packaging that can have a real use.
    This way, we will not only immerse ourselves in the universe of our potential customers through our gift, but we will also be able to do so through our packaging.
    In this way, we will multiply our marketing and outreach capacity while increasing the number of exposures to our brand. The result is an increase in potential conversions.
  • Added Value: The combination of the aforementioned elements will provide us with an attractive, functional, practical, and sturdy packaging.
    The result will be a direct increase in the value of our brand because not only will we have strengthened our corporate message, but we also ensure the consumption of our products.

Quality-Price Ratio in Promotional Gifts

When it comes to the packaging in promotional gifts, the quality-price ratio is a crucial aspect to consider for both the company and the recipient.

Carefully designed packaging in promotional gifts can significantly influence the perception of the product’s quality, which in turn can justify a higher price in the customer’s mind.

Furthermore, packaging that reflects quality and value can increase the recipient’s satisfaction, making them feel valued and appreciated.

Therefore, it is important for companies to find the right balance between product quality, packaging design, and price, to ensure a positive experience for both the customer and the brand.


In conclusion, packaging in promotional gifts plays a fundamental role in the success of brands.

From conveying brand identity to enhancing the customer experience, well-designed packaging can make the difference between an ordinary gift and an extraordinary one.

At MyM Regalos Promocionales, we are pleased to assist you with your packaging ideas for promotional gifts, so please feel free to contact us.

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