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Branded merchandise for conferences in Spain

There is much to be said about the advantages of giving branded merchandise for conferences, as well as for any other type of event or gathering (don’t miss our post about 10 ways to justify the investment in promotional gifts).

The promotional products industry is highly innovative and constantly evolving, always seeking better products, whether for their design or functionality.

However, there are classic, irreplaceable items that remain, those branded merchandise that always appear at fairs and conferences because their usefulness, value, and functionality are indisputable.

If you need branded merchandise for conferences and trade shows in Spain, do not hesitate to contact us, as we specialize in providing these types of items at the main fairgrounds and conference venues in Spain.


Our top 5 promotional gifts for conferences and trade shows

Here are the top 5 promotional items for conferences and trade shows that make up our selection:

1. Personalised pens

We start by talking about personalised pens as they are the workhorse that every company requests when putting together their promotional gift pack.

The versatility of pens is evident. At MyM Regalos Promocionales, we have a wide variety of promotional pen models that vary in both material (plastic, recycled cardboard, metal, wood) and design (some more elegant, others more informal, and even with USB, catering to all tastes!).

A tip to consider when choosing a pen to showcase your logo: pay attention to the imprint area of each pen model and choose accordingly based on the design of your logo or text to be printed.

Personalised pens

2. Personalised notebooks with your logo

The variety in notebooks and notepads is immense, and this is due to the high demand for this type of promotional product, especially when assembling the promotional gift pack for conferences and trade shows.

Personalised notebooks are incredibly useful during these types of events.

Moreover, this type of product is something that everyone wants to keep after the event as they don’t take up much space and are useful both at home and in the office.

The variety of personalised notebooks is not only in colors but also in sizes, designs, and the number of pages. Therefore, choosing the right notebook to represent your brand image is crucial for making a better impression on your potential customers.

Personalised notebooks

3. Personalised folders with your brand

Personalised folders add a special touch to the presentation of your brand. In a conference or trade show, many other brands will distribute products, brochures, magazines, etc.

Providing a promotional folder with your logo ensures the visibility of your brand over potential competitors.

We have such a variety of customizable folder models that you will surely find one that fits your style and budget.

Personalised folders

4. Personalised lanyards with ID badge holders

Personalised lanyards are affordable promotional products that play a crucial role in promotional gift packs for conferences and trade shows.

They are an excellent way to build brand image and gain visibility at these events since the cords or ribbons of promotional lanyards are usually personalised with the logo along the entire length of the ribbon.

Personalised lanyards

5. Personalised USB drives

Last but not least, personalised USB drives.

An unbeatable classic in the world of promotional gifts. We’ve already talked about their versatility several times. That’s why today, we’ll only discuss the variety of materials and designs.

A piece of advice: choose a USB drive that stands out for its style, material, or capacity, as you want your brand to make the greatest impact possible at a trade show or conference.

Personalised USB

Don’t hold back, choose merchandising for your conferences and trade shows

What do you think of our ideas for gifts at conferences and trade shows? With thousands of events happening every day, having a strong communication strategy with your users or clients is essential.

If you have any ideas in mind and think we can assist, get in touch with us, and together we’ll bring that perfect touch to life.

Do you need personalised merchandise in Spain?
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